Our guiding principles

Tradition lived every day; trustworthiness and innovation that stems from experience: the Fellhof philosophy runs through all areas of our company – not only in how we treat our products and employees, but also our customers.

Tradition and quality

Our principles characterise every process, every step and every decision in our company. As an international family-owned company, we build upon a solid foundation of values – and are proud to present them to you here.

Product line

Our variety of products is unique and ranges from slippers and outdoor shoes, clothing, baby and healthcare products, to home goods. To best meet the needs of our customers, we are constantly improving our product range and developing innovations in our field. The result is products that are comfortable to wear, practical to use and that meet today’s design standards.


The principle of quality is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. Quality is our goal each day, and the basis of every step in our work process. To us, quality is no accident, but a permanent process of improvement.


We are a down-to-earth family business. Our tradition means we are obligated to treat our creations responsibly. Continuous improvement in all areas of business and targeted investments are a given, allowing us to enjoy healthy growth and job security.


Thanks to our many years of experience and intensive supervision of the manufacturing processes, we ensure that our products are produced in an environmentally-friendly, high-quality, price-conscious and timely manner. Due to our lean corporate structure, we are able to identify and react to market and customer needs at short notice.


Our customer structure is very complex. It includes footwear, baby and souvenir segments, as well as furnishing and mail order companies. In order to market our products even better, we have developed a premium partner programme especially for retailers. Targeted marketing and a uniform market presence bring our premium partners impressive economic success.

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