Our Guarantee

Our determination to supply our customers with only the best quality is an essential component of our philosophy.


The best quality is our goal each and every day, and the basis of every step of our work.

The quality of our products

If it says Fellhof, you know what you are getting: quality is no coincidence for us but rather the result of continuous improvement processes. This is confirmed not only by our happy customers but also by certification authorities.

Our responsibility

We know that as our customer, you have confidence that you are purchasing products of the very highest quality. We take this responsibility seriously.

We select only the best pieces of fur and leather available and use them to create tried and tested Fellhof products.

The highest natural quality

When you purchase a Fellhof product, you are getting a carefully chosen, made-to-last natural product of the very highest quality – designed by Mother Nature herself.

Our promise

Hide is one of nature’s miracles. It regulates temperature, and is self-cleaning, durable, skin-friendly and natural. It is a privilege to work with this material.

For this reason, we place the highest importance on tanning our hides and creating our products with the most modern, eco-friendly methods. No product leaves our doors before undergoing rigorous inspection. We guarantee the highest standards of quality.

The quality of our baby footmuffs, slippers, boots, homewares and gloves is not only monitored by us internally – Fellhof products have also received various certifications. Our baby products, for example, have been OEKO-TEX® Standard certified.