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Winter Collection

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Servus, beim Fellhof

Wir sind dein Experte für Produkte aus Lammfell, Kuhfell, Wolle und Leder.  Vom Kinderwagen-Fellsack bis zum Fellpatscherl. Von kuscheligen Hüttenpatschen bis zur Bettauflage für besseren Schlaf – die Lammfell-Produkte von Fellhof machen glücklich und sorgen für Wohlbefinden.

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Lambskin footmuffs, shoes, gloves, bullhide carpets, bed underlays or traditional Hüttenpatschen.

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You are looking for Fellhof products? This is the right place.

Our Sales Concept

We support you with targeted marketing measures and advertising concepts during sales. Whether specialist retailers, premium partners, market booth operators, midwives or catering or hotels, we have the right products and a tailored sales program for your success.

Servus, by Fellhof

We are your expert for products made of lamb and bull fur – from the cuddly footmuff for the stroller to warmly lined winter boots. Discover our philosophy and browse through our assortment. We look forward to making YOU cuddly.

Fellhof Shopping World 
in Hof near Salzburg

There’s always something going on at Fellhof! In line with the start of the sales-season, we are pleased to present our new Fellhof Shopping World in Hof near Salzburg.

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Fellhof-Produkte begleiten Menschen ihr ganzes Leben lang.