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Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 18:00

Saturday: 09:30 - 17:00

Fellhof-Partner "Wohlfühlmanufaktur"

Hauptplatz 23

A-9500 Villach


Tel.:   +43 664 8459071

Fellhof Shop Villach

Buy sheepskin products in Villach, Austria

Hello, Carinthia! We are excited that Fellhof products are now available in Villach. From footmuffs to warm winter boots for men and women, to bullhide rugs – a great selection of products are waiting for you in our Fellhof Shop in Villach!

Available at the Fellhof Shop in Villach: Fellhof® products

Fellhof® products are characterised by their top quality. From the sourcing of our wool and sheepskin through to the finished product, our lambskins are subject to stringent controls. That’s what makes the quality of Fellhof® products so high. We suggest paying a visit to the Fellhof Shop in Villach to see this quality up close!

A wide variety of products in the Villach Fellhof Shop

High-quality sheepskin products as far as the eye can see! Discover tonnes of great products made from soft lambskin or elegant bullhide. Find the following in the Villach Fellhof Shop:

  • high-quality slippers made from natural lambskin
  • a wide range of products for babies and children including footmuffs and shoes
  • winter boots and outdoor shoes for women, men and children
  • leather accessories: wallets and bags
  • hats and gloves made from lambskin
  • Merino knit hats, scarves and headbands

Visit our Fellhof partner in Villach and discover just how diverse our products truly are! Or, if you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own home, you can visit our online shop whenever you like.