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The New Fellhof Logo

Naturally. Revolutionary.

Fellhof Logo in a new Look

As a brand develops, its range of products expands and the company grows, new demands are placed on a logo. Constant innovation, our positive view of the Fellhof future, and other little challenges along the way have given us the opportunity to update our Fellhof logo. It is with great pride that we present the new Fellhof logo!

Naturalness. expertise. Zeitgeist.

A company logo has a special energy. It is the face of a company and carries out a number of duties.

The colour

We have stayed true to the colour green – but opted for a more natural shade of green that fits even better with the characteristics of our brand.

The image

Our new logo offers more room for interpretation, to allow sheepskin and cowhide products to be “branded” in the best possible way. The simple design with smooth edges makes the logo versatile when used to represent the brand whilst enabling easier use and better legibility when branding products.

Naturalness, expertise and zeitgeist

Our new logo represents the development of the Fellhof brand and our reputation for naturalness, expertise and zeitgeist. We are proud of this shared journey.

Naturally. Revolutionary.